On account of World Environment Day, SCCCS brings to you the Nature Knowledge Knockout Quiz. Test your knowledge of the environment HERE

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SCCCS Environment Day Quiz

Enter your questions-mcqs, as many as you frame, below each of the themes. Do add them in suggesting mode so that we know who added which all.

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1. What is the effect of eutrophication in water bodies?

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2. What initiative has been launched by the Government of India to clean the Ganges?

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3. How does urbanization contribute to water pollution in India?

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4. What is the major pollutant found in the Ganges river?

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5. Which policy regulates industrial discharge into water bodies in India?

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6. Which of the following is a common waterborne disease in India?

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7. What is the leading cause of water pollution in India?

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8. Which river is considered one of the most polluted in India?

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