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News And Events

News and Events

Online Talk at Microbiology Department of Dr RML Avadh University Ajodhya – December 2023

For the benefit of students and researchers, Dr. Om Prakash, Deputy Head and Associate Professor, SCCCS recently delivered an online talk on the theme “Anaerobic way of life” at the Microbiology Department of Dr RML Avadh University Ajodhya, which was covered by most of the local newspapers. After 15 years of handling obligate anaerobes and Methanogenic Archaea, Dr. Om Prakash now believes that compared to aerobes, anaerobes provide major ecosystem services to mankind and underpin the Earth’s sustainability. Research related to the human gut, Bioenergy, waste degradation, climate change, greenhouse gas emissions and anaerobic infection is based on anaerobes.

Pune Climate Warrior Program

The impact of climate change (CC) is no longer debated. On the contrary, they are visible and are manifesting in human health, food, and the economy. While it is critically important to disseminate the climate emergency in society, it is equally important to spread the knowledge of climate actions at individual and societal level. There is no doubt that the today’s school children will be the sufferers of tomorrow. Unfortunately, most schools have not geared up to provide critical climate knowledge, and many do not have the teaching capabilities. As an association of like-minded organisations, we recognise our responsibility to take part in climate action. With this in intention, we propose a climate awareness and experiential learning program for schools. To read more click here.

Kolkata centre for creativity - 7th & 8th may

The fourth edition of KCC’s annual international conference Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (or VK) for the study of environmental action in the context of the Upanishadic doctrine of ‘The World is our Home’ or ‘The World is One Family’ was held over a period of two days, 7th and 8th May, at Kolkata Centre for Creativity, with speakers from India and around the world, including Netherlands, France and Switzerland. The conference commenced with Richa Agarwal, Chairperson of KCC, inviting everyone to quite unexpectedly, but aptly disobey. And a discourse in disobedience is what ensued over the weekend with speakers from all over India sharing their experiences in challenging the accepted dysfunctional norm and questioning futile mainstream practices. To read more click here.